Meet Jasmyn 

With the arrival of spring I thought it be nice to do something fun and informative with some more interesting people that I know. I’ve always admired Jasmyn and was one of the first people I know that went natural.

I recently just got into aromatherapy myself and it was a complete coincidence when Jasmyn brought it up as I was filming her. So for those of you that aren’t too familiar with the awesomeness of aromatherapy here are some fun facts : 

  • The use of plant oils can be traced back over 6000 years! The Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all recognised the therapeutic properties of essential oils and plant extracts.

Have you ever remembered the way things smelled more acutely then the way something looks or feels ? Has the scent of someone special or even laundry instantly draw you back to a specific memory ? 

  • It’s because smell is a potent brain trigger. In biological terms, the neural networks of our sense of smell bypass our thinking brain and take a direct route to our emotion and memory centers. Crazy huh ?!

And don’t even get me started on the awesomeness of yoga. I love yoga and I wish I had more hours in the day just to be able to fit it into my busy schedule and I’m totally jealous of how flexible Jasmyn is grr ! But no worries if your anything like me and have no time I stumbled upon this awesome tumblr  becky fitness whoever you are THANK YOU ! Check out her amazing yoga videos that she picked out from youtube just be some sort of angel and make everyones lives so much easier. 

Jasmyn’s  journey is an interesting one and one that I will surely make a longer in depth video about later on but for now I hope you all enjoy this video. :)